Imagine a village hidden in the woods, with a busy high street and people meeting as they go to school and come home from work.

This is the vision for An Camas Mòr, a place specifically planned for living, working and community life.

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Find a Home

Different types of home for all the different kinds of households who make a community.

Gehl architects explain the vision for An Camas Mòr to local people on a site visit - An Camus Mor, Cambusmore

Masterplan Report

Designed on the principle of creating a good habitat for people and nature, by leaders in the field of sustainable architecture, Gehl, Copenhagen.

A local young person kneeling over a map of An Camas Mòr and smiling - An Camus Mor, Cambusmore

Tenure and Affordability

Fair opportunities for people who work locally to own, rent or build a home they can afford.


A collaborative vision

Designed for and with our local community by Gehl Architects, Copenhagen.

The Community Council proposed the Aviemore sister community with a countryside park on both sides of the River Spey in 1987 we have been involved in its design and have supported it ever since.
John Grierson, Chair of Aviemore and Vicinity Community Council
John Grierson, chair of Aviemore and vicinity community council supporting An Camas Mòr
I’ve grown up here, lived my whole life in Aviemore, my son is at School here, this is where I want to live. Locals are in the same boat with available houses being snapped up, used as holiday homes or allocated to people from outside the area. An Camas Mòr will give us options. Aviemore is expanding, we need houses, we should have a place we are proud to call home with a school, a hospital and lots of public facilities, Let them get on with it!
local family supporting the campaign for An Camas Mòr

An Camas Mòr in 2055

vision for An Camas Mor in 2055, Cairngorms NAtional Park, An Camus Mor, Cambusmore