High Street

The High Street will form the backbone of An Camas Mòr – it will be the centre of employment and enjoyment.


vision for the main high street, market cross An Camas Mòr. A new town to twin with Aviemore, Cairngorms National Park - An Camus Mor, Cambusmore

Shops, Primary School, Nursery and Village Hall on the High Street

Services, commercial and leisure uses would be concentrated along the High Street. This will be within five minutes walk for everyone living at An Camas Mòr.


Community-led design

The sticky notes show the community’s suggestions gathered at public meetings and workshops: each proposal is now included in the plan for the High Street.

Plan for An Camas Mòr High Street with the ideas and needs of the local community written on post-it notes

Using a car will be optional, not necessary

The High Street will be within about five minutes walk for people living at An Camas Mòr. Pedestrians will have priority over cars in the High Street – the carriageway will be narrow with passing places. The street will include setbacks for outdoor seating and meeting. The High Street will include car parking at intervals for deliveries and the disabled. More parking is planned just behind the High Street, close by.


Energy effective: catching the sun

The curved High Street runs from the west gate to the east square (from Aviemore), catching the sun throughout the day.


West Square

The West Square is linked to Aviemore via the Old Bridge Inn- it is planned to overlook the playing fields, the Spey and the Aviemore Countryside park.


School Square

The primary school is planned with a courtyard entrance on to the main High Street, and with a link to the playing fields. It includes space for a convenience shop. It is at the end of the planned path leading from Aviemore and will be within walking distance for people living at An Camas Mòr.


Main Cross

This is the focus of life at An Camas Mòr and is carefully designed to enhance the community in all seasons and weathers. It is designed as big open space, suitable for markets, with shop fronts, cafes and possibly a hotel facing onto the square. It may include a colonnade to provide shelter.


Wee Cross

This will connect people to the forest: the existing tree will be protected, and one street will lead to a woodland ‘wedge’ coming into the village. A colonnade is maybe planned at ground floor level.


East Square

This would be a good place for a shop or café with places to sit out and great views towards the Lairig Ghru. It includes a place to park your bike before catching the bus.

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