A network of nature corridors



The design for An Camas Mòr began with the simple aim of making a good habitat for people and nature.

Imagine a village surrounded by the forest with wedges of trees and ‘biotope strips’ coming right into the centre. Imagine a place where humans and wildlife can live together in close contact with each other. The ‘biotope strips’ – will form an independent network of nature corridors for wildlife. These strips would be interconnected with the help of ‘green crossings’ across roads and streets.

This is part of the vision for An Camas Mòr: to look after our natural heritage, but also make sure we look after the people who are part of that heritage. People will be inspired to care for nature through the strong connection to the landscape; the beneficial effects of daily contact with nature on health and mental wellbeing ‘biophilia’ are backed up by recent research.

avoid sensitive areas - An Camas Mor

Avoid the sensitive stuff

Retain mature trees - An Camas Mor

Retain mature trees

celebrating the natural topography of An Camas Mor

Celebrate topography

back garden nature reserves - An Camas Mor

Back garden Nature Reserves

bio strips between rows of houses help nature thrive and provide privacy - An Camas Mor

Biotope strips

people enjoying open spaces between buildings - An Camas Mor

Characteristic Open Spaces

houses designed in wedges to allow for nature corridors - An Camas Mor

Edges and wedges

green crossings with trees - An Camas Mor

Green crossings


Scots pine