Corner Apartments


There will be a wide choice of different flats – from studio apartments to larger 3 bedroom flats. These buildings will face onto the street corner.

Most flats will have windows on two sides and will have an open plan living space for a bright and spacious feeling. Living rooms at the front will face onto the High Street, and bedrooms will face onto a landscaped Back Green. There may be balconies and bay windows facing onto the street and terraces facing onto the Back Green.

There will be space in the back green for sitting out, children’s play and car parking. Front doors are placed up to the street; this efficiency creates space in the back green for a garage or perhaps an office studio, workshop or a small flat that can be sub-let.

The flats will share an entrance and staircase that opens onto the back green, accessed from a gate off a side street to the back. The studio flats will have traditional gallery access. The ground floor, facing onto the High Street will house shops, cafés, and offices.

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

Ground Floor

Floors 1-3

Design Guidelines

Vertical windows

Glass balcony

Bare timber wall

Timber wall painted with Swedish Falu Rödfärg

Local river stones for paving or wall material

Zinc roof


Encourage Community Life

Formal front- informal back

Smaller windows to the Street-big windows facing the garden

The neighbourhood looking out for each other

French balconies for friendly openings

Bay windows that you can sit or stand in

Homes that face the sun

local people on a site visit to An Camas Mòr in the Cairngorms National Park, An Camus Mor, Cambusmore
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