Side-by-side houses

This plan for a larger and a smaller house side by side joined by a passage creates the possibility of having a granny flat, office, garage or space that can be seasonally sub-let.

This plan could be either a detached or semi-detached house.

The house makes efficient use of the sun’s light and heat- the thin layout means that there will be windows on two sides of each room to maximise the natural light, it will face south and there will be no windows on the north side.

Side-by-side house axonometric

First floor

Ground floor

Granite masonry base with red painted timber above.

Timber wall painted with Swedish Falu Rödfärg

Zinc roof

Vertical windows

Glass balcony

Bare timber wall

Formal front- informal back

Smaller windows facing the street -big windows facing the garden

Meeting whilst coming and going.



Front garden

Setback door

Home office to the street

Homes that face the sun

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This is the site of An Camas Mòr LLP, the partnership set up to take forward the proposal for a new community at An Camas Mòr. Its company number is SO 301 015.